After-Sales Service Center

Our After-Sales Service Department is mainly responsible for analyzing customer complaints so that they can take appropriate corrective measures and eliminate the potential causes of abnormalities. We have an experienced technical team as technical support and a strict deadline on handling customer complaints. When customers raise questions regarding technology, testing, installation, etc. we will provide a timely reply and, if necessary, provide on-site technical support. We input all customer complaint information into our database, which is used to aid in the design and development stages of new product development. Statistical analysis on customer complaint information and satisfaction investigation is regularly conducted to improve product and after-sale service quality.

"Customer First" Service

  • Distributor Assistance

    End-user marketing support, New product marketing and training support, Promotions and incentives, Sales positioning (go-to-market) support and guidance.

  • Technical and Service Support

    Provide pre- and post-sales technical support, Offer quick and professional technical solutions, Leverage CET R&D Center experience and know-how, Provide CET Testing Center resources.

  • Brand Support

    Manage and protect global brand, Maintain favorable brand image and reputation, Continued brand promotion through industry media and events.

  • Service Procedures

    With standard and rigorous after-sales service processes, we can provide you thoughtful and professional service!

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