Quality Control Center

Our Quality Control Department was established in 2003. Since its inception, we have strictly implemented our company's quality objectives and guidelines, abiding by the ISO9001 quality management system throughout the entire production process. Any quality abnormalities or instabilities are reported in "8D" form and sent to their respective departments for analysis. To ensure reliable performance, consistent quality, and customer satisfaction, this department has developed into a perfect quality management platform, going from only having IQC/OQC to implementing the most advanced testing equipment.

Reliable Quality Control

  • Quality Assurance

    We insist on improving the quality of our products. While we mainly work on the establishment, maintenance, and implementation of management systems, we also strictly document quality control and assurance activities.

  • Quality Engineering

    We continuously enhance our quality management in all areas, from the quality of product design, to the quality of our suppliers, and to the improvement of our processes.

  • Supplier Management

    We carefully select our suppliers and evaluate their qualifications so that we can cooperate with them most effectively. As we assess their performance, we can steadily improve product quality and achieve win-win results.

  • Quality Inspection

    We have established a comprehensive inspection model, which includes initial inspection, in-process inspection, cross-checking, and finished product inspection, to ensure product quality.

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